Brent's Game Idea

My idea is kinda out there but its an idea.

I was thinking of making a RTS with RPG elements.
The game will be controlled by player interaction that fuels this game almost like a mmorpg does.

A select numbers of first come first serve players can pick land where they will build a town. This is where the rpg comes along they will have to level up there characters like any other rpg. Kill monsters do quests and complete dungeons to gain levels. The higher level a person is the better buildings and items he/she can have. Other people that didn't get selected in the town run can do quests and everything they can but cant build there own town, but visit anyones town to purchuse items from the vendors. Better the town the better chance of getting quests in thats person town. So every town will pretty much have a player that control the town and make it better. So the higher the level the better the items the more people come to your town more karma/loyality it receives. When a town doesn't level or gain anything it will lose karma if a town goes to a certain level of karma it can be attacked by a group of people looking to capture a town. If the people that was controlling the town lose he loses rights to his town and the attackers gain control of it. The loser has to wait a period of time to attack back or attack any town in that matter. The new controllers of the town will have a protection period to build up and recuit a army to protect it. People that dont have a city are not out. They can be recuited. can be loyal to a city can protect it like militia. People that like a city can make a house to give the city karma and help out the king/mayor of the city. The king/mayor can throw parties for his citizen or can be mean and tax for better items or experience. also you can have items you can only get if you have a certain number of people that are loyal to you. I was also thinking that everyone RPG i play people can have a Skill example like Blacksmithing, Crafting Etc. People can help sell better items into a auction house and there would be a tax or something that helps the Mayor or King whatever expand his/her town. I like Anthonys idea of More Npc in a town when it's expands Also thats a good Idea that the King(gave up saying Mayor/King) can assign people to look for to give special quests when the town is big enough or learn those quests when he gets to a certain point. People will be able to Build houses put funuriture in them and build bigger houses that will increase to size of the town overall. Also i was thinking for a extra tibbit. People can Allow other people to look or have a party inside people houses. And from WoW. Kings should be allows to make inn and at certain level inn will have more exp. when a player logs out in it.

Going to think more on this Tonight And add in some Pictures.

Dead Idea.

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I like where this is going. So in this RPG, would other players be able to build houses in the towns in order to make them larger? I like the idea of more quests in bigger towns, if this was the case, would there be more npcs that spawn in a town, depending on its size? Or a possibility of both npcs and players giving out quests.

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