Cody's Game Idea

Old Age Fantasy


Choose your faction and change its history as you unravel the story line. Not sure if you will be able to change faction midway or anything like that. Instead of factions being all of one race I'm thinking of maybe just making them all follow a certain ideal. Some will definitely follow an ideal of a one race supremacy. You could vie for your faction’s power and make all the other factions bow before you or you could keep the peace between them.


None of the races are sure of their origins but they have come up with many different theories. Surrounded by mountains on the North, West and South with the Ocean to their East they have been isolated from the rest of the world developing much more rapidly.

Taking control of one of these faction characters you can decide with what to do when your faction’s true motivations come through. Over the past 5 years certain different creatures or humanoid like things have been spotted recently near the northern border of the mountains and depending on what class you choose you get sent to patrol the northern border of a remote town to the north.

You along with a group of other races and classes are sent there and other remote towns across the northern border in a concentrated effort though not serious this is just precautionary. Since no one has ever been beyond the mountains before due to atrocious weather and tales of creatures destroying travelers. The town you’re in gets attacked by a battle group of these creatures and you are forced to fight for your life as you attempt to either get out alive or help out as many civilians as possible. And from there the story unfolds as your class and race influence the outcome.


As a side note this is all just a rough draft right now so i don't have the exact race names so I'm just going to call them by species.

Humans- This species origins are an even greater mystery then most of the other races. With the Forest Gremlins in the forest, the fishmen from the sea there is no clear link as to where they could have come from.


Fishmen- With legends that these people came from the depths of the sea now they are land walkers. Able to hold their breath underwater far longer than humans or other races they make their living by cities on the coastline near the sea. Other legends say that they used to be able to live underwater fully, but either that ability has degraded over time or their time on land has made them oxygen prone.

Forest Gremlins- very little is known about this race since they mostly themselves in the forests of Bla bla bla. Using their inner connection to the forest and surprising skill with polearm weapons such as spears they have managed to survive the onslaught of the last war. Only lately have they started to slowly journey out from their forest and see the world beyond.


Cat people-hmmmmm tough one. It is said that this majestic race came from over the mountains fleeing something though over the centuries noone has managed find out what. Basically the Elf replacement in this story. I'm trying something different here.


The Heralders- A mystical race of beings created due to the after affect of a clash of different magical energies on the battlefield. They glow blue though that is not the only color they can glow.

Bird People- This avian race makes it home in the high hills in the west. These 'hills' can grow almost as tall as mountains. Able to fly they do grow feathers on most of their body, however due to the horrible weather in the mountains surrounding the land they are forced to stay there. Wings sprout from their back.


Demonic race- Like the Heralders, this race too was exposed to magical energy. Though instead of natural magical energy they were exposed to tainted demonic energy. Though they do retain their mental aspect of what they were before their physical exterior has changed differently from person to person.


Classes will be called by these names overall while different races will have different names for their certain classes. This is basically the 'basic' language in which every race calls these classes when dealing with different races.

Soldier- The Soldier spends most of his time training for physical combat with weapons. Due due to the influence of all the races their are different ways that the warrior can fight. Different Races will have different possible sub classes that they will be able to talent into. The Humans call their warriors paladins, they can bless themselves and other characters to help fight better and also heal themselves. Also they can become archers from this stance whenever the situation calls for it.

Mage- The Mages focus their time and effort on controlling the elements around them. Though for the Forest Gremlins have a substitution for the mage they call the druid. The druid, instead of controlling the elements around them, control nature itself.

Monk like thing- Devoted to the temples of the major religion around the whole country warriors are constantly training their bodies for hand to hand combat. Not prone to using any sort of bladed weapon they are used to using staffs or any sort of blunt wood weapon like that. With different religions come different warrior fighting styles and names.

Heals- the Healer forgoes damage output for the ability among itself and allies. Able to heal even the most critical of hits the priest is a valuable companion. Temples also influence the healers themselves for different classes.

Assassins- Highly trained and highly deadly warriors that prefer stealth and sneak attacks to the actual frontal confrontation. Not to say that they can't fight hand to hand, they just prefer a more subtle method to get the job done. Usually supporting the team from the shadows they can go from certain ranged weapons to melee in just a second.

Engineer- With technology that advances beyond the typical soldier, the engineer (will need a different name) uses his advanced technology to blow his enemies away.

Plot Start

The Beginning of the story brings us to the northern border of all the provinces. Recently villages on the northern border have been attacked by an unknown enemy. As of yet they have only hit small targets but each time they did the village's population was wiped out.

Several combat teams are put together in order to patrol the border in case of further excursion. You are part of one of these combat teams as whichever class you have chosen and race. The combat groups will be joint groups in hopes of further stimulating cooperation between the other races.

You are patrolling outside a village and are talking with your team when all of a sudden a scream pierces the air. Looking over you see a civilian get eviscerated by a wolf like creature. Rushing in a killing it you stop to wonder what it is when you realize that the whole village is under attack by them.

Gathering your team together you group up to fight them off. Early on it is apparent that these creatures are extremely strong and fast and are more then a match for the regular civilians. But as you keep striking them down more and more stop what they were doing and attempt to destroy you. Quickly getting overwhelmed your team continues to fight on regardless.

As your teammates die around you, you continue to fight on regardless and soon you are the only one left fighting off a giant horde. Getting tunnel vision you start to slaughter everyone that comes at you when all of a sudden everything goes quiet.

You realize that you are all alone in the village, getting out of your shock you start to walk around aimlessly until a villager runs up to you. You then engage in a conversation which you then escort the surviving villagers to the next town. Along the way you prepare for an eventual attack that never comes. Thanks to your efforts you manage to escort everyone that survived safely to the closest village.

Getting a lot of praise from the villagers you saved and the people in the town you took them to you go off to relax when a unit of whatever forces you are apart of is sent to retrieve you for debriefing.

From there your story takes a different turn for each race you choose.


The Religion and culture for each race will factor in how they treat you during the entirety of the game. For instance if you are human and you go to a human town they usually are very welcome towards you, however if you are a fish man and you walk into a town you may be jeered a bit depending on where you are. In time you may be able to change this which makes it part of the game.

The actual religions that people and creatures are gonna practice is going to be a tough obstacle to cross. I may have to derive some of the ideas from different games and religions but i will try to be as original and in depth as possible.

Sound Effects

Cat people intimidation growls-

Bird people battle screech-

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