David Cross Game Idea

I spent a lot of time and thought coming up with different ideas that would actually be plausible in the second semester to complete. Most of the games that I love are completely impossible to really do next semester while having a full class load, I’d have to dedicate all of my time to the creation of my game, and only take the video game design class, and then I might not even complete it then. Video Game Design is a painstaking process, all the details, the graphics, the engine, everything takes time and skill, a lot that I don’t possess and would have to learn from the ground up.
After all of this time I finally decided to keep it fairly simple with a game I decided to call Fists and Grenades. As the name implies you are going to be using your own fists, and some random types of grenades. Flash Grenades, regular explosive grenades, Frost grenades, Flamer grenades, etc. So many games out their as far as first person shooters go, if you get the best weapon, then you win, and it can get tiring if you don’t get to the one rocket launcher on the board first. Like in Halo you can be shot with a pistol 10 times and not die, get your 1 shot off with a rocket launcher and boom you’re dead.
It’s all going to depend on what kind of grenades you have and if you can get accurate/close enough to use them or your fists. Two punches equals dead, one accurate hit with an explosive grenade and you’re dead. But in this also you can switch it up, use a frost grenade to slow down your targets speed and throw time, a flamer grenade to burst them into flame, do a little damage, and also obscure their screen a bit so they cannot see you as well. Flash Grenades to completely blind them for 3 seconds. And also maybe some other types of grenades added at a later date, but this is what I have for my game design currently. All this cumulating in a fairly simple game that I think I can create next semester and just from the ideas if the game play is sufficient then I think I would enjoy playing it as well.

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