Diablo II

Diablo II is a computer game sequel to Diablo, designed and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Diablo II was released in 2000, and about 1 year later an expansion was released; entitled Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

The Game

Diablo II is playable on both single-player and online/lan multi-player modes. This was one of the most popluar online multi-player games of 2000 and is still running strong to this day.

The Diablo series (soon to be trilogy) is based on a heaven vs. hell rpg in which the warriors, you as the player, begin their decent into hell where they face Diablo once and for all.

Character Creation

When you first begin you're given the choice of 5 different classes, and after the expansion 2 more classes were added on. Each class has a different skill set, for example: a barbarian is a very strong class, and so most of the abilities involve weapons and pure brute force. You are not limited to only one character per account, in fact you can have 10 characters total, per account. Fortunately the accounts are free, and making another account is a piece of cake.


Assassin (Expansion)-


Druid (Expansion)-





Game Play

Diablo II is a third person rpg where you are looking at an angle over your character, there is a storyline in which you progress through one quest at a time. You cannot move on through the game until you have completed the previous quest. The story consists of 4 acts, 5 with the expansion, and at the end of each act you recieve a quest that requires you to kill a final boss, after this you turn in your quest and are given a chance to proceed to the next act.

Difficulty Levels
Act 1 - Andariel
Act 2 - Duriel
Act 3 - Mephisto
Act 4 - Diablo
Act 5 - Baal
Goblin Shamans
Quests are found in the towns, given to the player by the npcs located there. A player only has one quest at a time and continues through the story and recieves new quests immediately after completing one.

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