My Game Design Idea


Basic Idea

My design will be based something along the lines of a Doom "look and feel" FPS with the graphics, and gameplay along the lines of "Zombies" on Call of Duty. It will be level based, with increasing enemy velocity, strength, and aggresion as the player progresses through rounds. The FPS will be a "Hero" based game, because the player will be set against unimaginale odds.



What the concept is, is for the player to be able to wistand through rounds of enemies charging them. The objective is to hold off against the charging attackers for as long as possible, and by getting as many kills as possible. The point is to gain as many points as possible before the player is killed by the enemie. The setting will be in an abandoned house or warehouse, with enemies that are able to come from the doors and windows. The player must hold off the enemy with a selection of weapons, before becoming trapped and overwhelmed. The player has the ability to build barriers, and upgrade weapons with the points achieved by killing the enemies throughout the game. I'm still brainstorming other ideas.


The game could also allow for a multiplayer ability, which could place the players in the levels against each other. The closest game I could describe the multiplaying ability to would be a game like Left 4 Dead, or Halo.


Im going to be spending some extended time on here tonight finallizing my synapsis of storyline and gameplay. W00T!

-Bryan H.

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