Game Ideas

Ok, a serious game idea is one for a parody RPG

A game marketed to teens who cheat in competitive games is a modified version of tic-tac-toe where the player always gets the first move and gets three moves to every one move the opponent gets. This idea is mine, don't steal it!!

Also, I'm stealing the idea of a cooperative Tetris game where you have two players play at the same time and when one of them messes up, they yell at each other and get into a fight.

— Jared

Kind of inspired by what Jared said…. what about a puzzle/RPG hybrid? Maybe with MMO or PvP elements?

  • Two players vs. each other in real time.
    • A tournament or PvP type game?
      • Or team vs. team?
  • Let players create CUSTOM characters and stages (with more options as they get more levels/pay more).
  • Split characters up into class based on special moves (see Puzzle Games entry for more).
  • If going the RPG route: perhaps a story mode.
    • Or maybe a typical RPG, except using puzzles (for some reason) instead of random monster battles?

- Georgia

A game that i think would appeal to many people is a sports game in which it challenges you to beat certain teams and conquer injuries to win the championship game. The sports game doesnt have to be one player but could be a whole team that has to go through certain obstacles.


Even having to choose what your certain player chooses to do that day. Such as staying for extra drills after practice to get your attributes up, choosing to stay in a

- johanna

My choice of games are Tetras, Marble lines, and most puzzel games that have time limits and levels.
My uncle died in 2006 with Alzhiemers and one of the activities his family had him do was stringing beads into ornements at christmas to keep him active and ingaged. In the Early stages of his disease
he played games on the computer..mainly solitare card games. I would like to build a game that would be repetitious and ingaging, and follow the concept of these puzzel games, with out the time limits
If anyone has a intrest I would love to work together…

Re: Kellen ~ Reminds me of Persona 3! It was about half RPG/half simulation. What you did in "school" effected your stats and stuff in battles.

- Georgia

Alrighty then, here is my game. I was going to post in on a different page but I guess we are supposed to do it here. So, here it is.
My RPG - Nathan

Having a coach to tell you what to focus on after or during practice to help with your upcoming game. And making an effort to treat your injurys.

The idea of puzzle players playing against one another in real time is an intriguing idea but how about instead of playing against each other, we team them up to work on one puzzle. I think this would be interesting because instead of thinking independently on what one might want to do, they would have to think as a group and come up with a move for the puzzle.

I'm interested in making an RPG, for those of you who have already discussed it. I'm just throwing this out there, but I was thinking that there aren't many, if any, RPGs set in World War II era. I think it would be interesting to design an RPG in which you choose to be a part of the Axis or Allies.

I like Zach, Kellen, and Paul's ideas. As much as I dislike the Sims games, I think it would be neat to make a game called like Sims College Football. In the game you could treat your injuries, decide to go to class or party, or any possible scenario that a college football player might encounter. You could customize your player, work on your attributes, and make contact with other players (sims).
-Shelby Duncan

In my time as a martial arts teacher, one of the hardest things to get many young students to do is to practice on their own at home. An idea I had was to perhaps use a few of the wii titles as examples and perhaps create a game that help to encourage martial arts students to practice at home. The game could make use of the balance board, use the wii mote to help the student to perfect their techniques. There could also be an npc to encourage and help the student to remember what was taught to them in class. There could also be rewards or achievements that could be gained by routinely completing tasks or achieving fitness goals. -Adam

My game Idea
-Andrew Dudley

I would like to make a game with a platform/shooter genre. I would like to make it based on a student who is trying to conquers his fears in school like test, teachers, grades, etc. The student will be trying to pass each level beatting each boss in each level. In the end he will have to try to bet the Final exam monster to pass the game.


I like Kellen's and Chau's puzzle game ideas. I want to create a game that has different levels of difficulties and all the traditional elements of a puzzle game. Set time limits would make the game more engaging to play. The game would have no storyline or characters to it. It would be best suitable on a PC, although it can be expanded and played on game consoles or hand-held devices as well. It would have a similar appearance as the puzzle games Tetris, Bejeweled, Collapse, etc.
- Dung

No has wanted to make a racing game.. I would like to make a spy hunter type game that is racing, not trying to avoid being crashed into walls by other "bad" cars and motorcycles. I like the idea of the upgrades like the oil spill and smoke screen for an advantage. I would use the same idea but have nos instead of the smoke screen.

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