Gameplay Discussion

Right, well, I just wanted to get things started by repeating what I said in class about my viewpoint of game-play. I believe that game-play, or at least good game-play, is based off of the story but places more emphasis on game mechanics, such as how the player interacts with the different game elements of the game. The game-play should be developed, in my opinion, after the story. A game should have a good storyline to it (puzzles excluded) and the game mechanics should be based off of that story. Basically, I'm trying to say that you would want game-play to complement the storyline and the various attributes and personalities of both the NPCs and the player character. Thus, the story needs to be developed before the mechanics, i.e. rules and player interaction, are implemented to be certain that the way a person plays the game will not inhibit their understanding of the story and/or their character. Now, I'm talking myself in circles here and confusing myself so let me just say this; game-play is how the player interacts with his character and the storyline of the game. - Nathan

Game-play for me is how you play the game and how the game reacts to what you decide to do. For example in a sports game, if you decide to run the ball right it will create a different outcome rather than if you ran the ball to the left. I feel that gameplay is a huge part of the game and without game-play i do not think very many games would be fun at all. One of the reasons i think game play is very important is because it effects the person playing game and his/her decision to keep playing the game. The game-play of the game keeps people hooked to it. I think the game-play is one of the reasons Madden keeps selling its game every year, and that they add something new to the gameplay every year. I also think that gameplay is intertwined with the story and the characters in the game. I think that good gameplay has all these components. - Zach
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Gameplay to me is trying to defeat all the levels to succeed in the end; not particularly win. Although in some games such as Tetris, there's no real way to win the game, I think it's just almost the accomplishment of how far one can get in the game, how many levels one can beat. Mastering the game that one is playing to is a type of game play. - Chau.

For me, gameplay is how the player interacts with the game, and other players in the game. Gameplay is the player's experiences while playing the game. It presents obstacle(s) to the players and how the players respond to each obstacle- players accommodate to different situations to create a solution in the game. I agree with Zach and Nathan when they state that it has to have story and character components to make it good gameplay. Gameplay is one of the most critical factor in the element of the game. - Dung

I agree with what has been so far in that I think that gameplay is the way a player can interact with the game. I also think that includes the interaction that takes place between the environment, enemies, npcs, other players, and you. I think that one important characteristic of game play is the ability to overcome an obstacle in more than one way. By that I mean a person can accomplish a task without having to do exactly what the creator of the game may have intended. An example might be like in an RPG when there are several different combination's of allies, skills, and items that can be used to overcome a challenge. In an FPS, there might be a variety of tactics, strategies, equipment, and other options that can be taken in consideration when presented with an obstacle. - Adam

Game play needs to be about mechanics of the game. The recent game I picked up Company of Heroes i've been playing with friends over LAN or internet which is less lagging. The game mechanics are so realistic it feels like your in the war. The mechanics of the guns they miss. Hit buildings or you get a registered hit on someone. Also if your soldiers are under fire they will find cover and fight back on their own or flight if they know they cant win. Also the AI is very developed that helps the game mechanics. This game is bases off all the AI being able to flow with the game. All squads you have use a AI that tell them where to hide, shoot, and tell you where to move if there's nothing in front. The game has re-playability to it because there's never a similar outcome game. The game is based on who can hold better ground. Who's have the better luck and chance. The storyline to this game is massive. You have to do missions based in world war 2. lots of skill involved where you place your units and almost pure luck. The game play,mechanics, and re-playability our on my top. This whats makes game play on a game work. - Brent

I think that gameplay is the collection of elements within the game that help develop an environment in which the player can lose his/herself. Such elements include the storyline, style of game, option menus, availability of difference and the controls that help the player progress through the game and achieve higher levels. I think that a well developed and designed game has a great storyline and is non-repetitive, it must include a set of instructions that allow the player to develop a feel for the game. -Anthony-

Gameplay for me is the most important part of playing a game. In football games it has to be very smooth to where it almost feels real. Gameplay must match the story line otherwise it would not keep people hooked on the game. Interaction is also a big part of gameplay some of the best parts in games is when you interact with other characters in the game to see what they will do. -Paul

Gameplay is the most essential part of what makes a successful game, without a solid gameplay experience for the players, their is nothing to gain an "out of body" experience. Gameplay must present every aspect of what the creaters wanted the players to connect with. If a game posseses all of the atributes needed for the player to fully connect to the players, then the creaters have achieved their goal. _-Bryan-_

Gameplay to me is how the story creates different aspects so that way the creators can branch off from there to create different situations for the game. Story can also change how certain enviroments look in each level. It also affects how you set up your multiplayer with rules and attributes.-John Parsons

Gameplay to me is a means to an end. Sorry to sound so philosophical but that is the way that i view it. In any game you have ever played what are you working for…. the ending. Gameplay is a means of telling a story in a different way from either reading a book or watching a movie. It's an experience that puts you into the story and not just read it from the sidelines. o.-Cody-.o

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