Genre Matrix
FPS Half-Life 2 Left 4 Dead Quake II Halo Trilogy Goldeneye 64
RPG Final Fantasy Dungeon Siege K.O.T.O.R Mass Effect Enchanted Arms Digital Devil Saga
MMO Ultima Online City of Heroes World of Warcraft Star Wars Galaxies Megaten Runescape Guild Wars
Strategy Alpha Centauri Civilization Starcraft Rome Total War Supreme Commander Black and White 2
Platformer Super Mario 64 Mega Man Mario Galaxy Sonic the Hedgehog Battle Toads
Puzzle Tetris Mahjong Puyo Puyo Magical Drop Minesweeper
Adventure Quest For Glory Zelda King Arthur
Fighting Soul Calibur Series Mortal Kombat Series Killer Instinct Series Street Fighter Dead or Alive Bloody Roar Primal Fury
Sports NFL Blitz 2000 NCAA Football 09' Madden 10' FIFA
Arcade Frogger Pong Mrs Pac man
Action Metal Gear Dynasty Warriors Bladestorm
TPS Gears of War Resident Evil 4
Rhythm Guitar Hero Rockband Dance Dance Revolution
Simulation MechWarrior Flight Simulator Sim City Sim Park The Sims
Casual Block Breaker Deluxe Collapse Wii Sports

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