Imagine Cup 2010

I would like to know who all is interested in competing in the imagine cup next year?

I have given it some thought and would be willing to get involved in it. I think it would be very interesting to compete in it. So yes.
Andrew Dudley

Awesome, well we need to start figuring out times when we can meet up and discuss what we might be able to put together.

Here's my contact information, in case we decide on a time or need to discuss something.
Anthony Matlack
Cell: 806 683 4312 (Unlimited texting)
Email: moc.liamtoh|74m_ynohtnA#moc.liamtoh|74m_ynohtnA


I am happy to see your interest. I think there are a few others who are also interested. Plus, there are some outside of class, who are CIS majors, who are also interested.


I, myself, am very interested in this competition and would like to participate. My major is in CIS and I hope to due much much more programming in my future. I would like to make a career out of designing video games and I have decided, with advice from Dr. Babb, that this is something that I probably should do. So, definitely count me in. - Nathan

I am also interested in participating in this. Please keep me informed, GeekElite, Bryan Hayes. 806-236-3820, texts are good!

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