Midterm - Chapter 6


Rules of play:
All games contain rules; rules dictate the logic of the game when it comes time for development. These rules should be communicated to the players most games accomplish this with in-game tutorials, hints or an instruction manual.

Victory Conditions:
Very simple, what does the player have to do to win this game, game play is steered by the victory conditions. If victory means destroying that dragon then pretty sure the game play will involve fighting a dragon. Another form of victory could be earned by getting a higher score on the game; you don’t actually finish the game just harder levels and more points.

Lose conditions: Opposite of victory, How you can lose the game. Two types of lose conditions Implicit and explicit. Loosing because you’re not the first to achieve victory is an implicit, loosing because your character dies or runs out of vital resources is an explicit.

The Prisoner's Dilemma

Q: What is the Prisoner's Dilemma?
A: The Prisoner's Dilemma is a two-party conflict, where both parties can cooperate for mutual gain (or minimal loss), or one side can betray the other to maximize their gain, or both sides can betray the other, resulting in mutual loss, but not as bad as being betrayed when cooperating. The Dilemma arises from the decision on whether or not to cooperate, due to the nature of the risks.

Challenge of the Commons

Challenge of the Commons

Rational decisions for personal gain lead to irrational total effects for all players
A self-centered and “gimmie, gimmie” problem
self-serving actions satisfy your wants, but put others out.
Originally, about the use of a common grassy area for sheep grazing
Other examples include overfishing. Any one company can benefit from increasing their level of fishing for Fish X, which may be salmon. Because they can profit from fishing for more salmon, they fish for more. When All the fishing companies fish for more salmon, the numbers of salmon are quickly depleted, and the salmon can no longer breed fast enough to keep up with the fishing, and they die out. Now all the fishing companies have lost out because there are no more salmon, and all of them go bankrupt. This is the Tragedy of the Commons.

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