Dudley's game idea


Gear up with the our hero as hacks, slashes, shoots and detonates hoards of Swine Flu Infected undead in a small college town that has been overrun. He fights for truth, justice and because he had nothing else to-do that day, in Holy Crap, Zombies.

Back story

It all began as a normal day as a group of scientists were running tests on the H1N1 virus by exposing it to high levels of radiation for some reason or another when for reasons that would only happen to make a video game there was a security breach in the testing labs as the mutated infection spread through the air vents and began infecting the building. As the people inside the building came in contact with the virus it changed them into freaking zombie daemons that had a craving for humans and bacon as the infected slowly began searching for more human the infection slowly consumes the campus and eventually the town. Meanwhile! Our hero who is beginning to rise from his slumber having groggily decided to screw going to his classes and called into work with a false claim of being sick wakes to a frightening realization. Holy crap Zombies

Rough draft idea

So I am not looking to create anything vast original I am thinking along the lines of what I could actually create. What I could actually draw, animate, code if I needed to. I'd like this game to involve 3D game world and models but I also thing I could get by with a 2D adventure.
Zombies seem to be reoccurring them e in my discussions and conversations but zombie games are fun for me and usually do well. It is a simple idea that for the player is exciting it gets there nerves rattling with anticipation for the next zombie wave and simple game play mechanics; zombies run at you and you shoot them in the head before they eat you. Simple yet fun.
So I have some ideas on how I'd like this game to be played the premise of this game is for the player to advance through the levels of the storyline. He would procure weapons and ammo throughout the game by finding them. Some may be in open view while others would require some scavenging. I enjoyed the option in "Dead Rising" that anything can be used as a weapon, I'd like to borrow that idea but not as in-depth as they did it. Keeping it along the lines of creating a make shift weapon by breaking a chair leg off or going medieval with a rock if the situation calls for it. Weapons would cover an assortment of melee weapons, guns, and explosives to add to the playground of zombie killing. I want to have a numeric health system. Lost health can be regained by finding food like donuts and pizza to fuel the zombie killing . Now I'd like to add sort of an RPG element to the game I'm thinking along the lines of weapon upgrade, ammo upgrades, clothing or items that will give the player a unique ability similar to the feather in The Legend of Zelda which could be used to jump to other areas previously not reachable to solve certain situations which means I may be adding puzzle elements into the game to break down the action. Not sure on this idea, if it fits I'll keep it. Other Items would be included in the game to temporarily give the character a special ability maybe an energy drink that gives you a crack head prowess by that making you temporally invincible or an audio device that could cause all the zombies in your vicinity to break into a thriller until their heads explode or something such as that item ideas will come and go.
I have an overall mood and style I'd like to go with this. I'm looking to draw inspiration from cheap low budget horror and action films of the 70's. Grainy film, bad sound quality, lame music, cheesy dialog, boom mic falling into view. I would incorporate these elements into the visuals of the game to add a unique feel and style and would allow me to get away with being uncreative and lousy at art and design.
So yeah that is pretty much it, I'll refine and develop this more in-depth later on.

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