I have an idea for a great video game. It will be an RPG focusing on the concept of cooperation and social interaction. Obviously I do not possess the skills as of yet to create an MMORPG, however, I will create a video game with an extensive multiplayer storyline. I am very fond of the game Oblivion, created by Bethesda Softworks, and was thinking about making a game similar to it but, as previously stated, focus on the core aspect of multiplayer achievement and success. I will incorporate the fantasy and "hack and slash" aspects involved with highly interactive perifferals to include the keyboard and mouse but still allow an easy switch to a controller. I will improve upon the animations of the player character when not in first-person point-of-view so that the character seems more life like in its motions and less like an animated picture. (No offense to Bethesda.) The game will have a highly involved main storyline with many multiple arcs to different sub-quests. I play pen and paper games and, thus, I believe in a game that is free-form and not so rigid in its structure. I would like to include a massive world with a vast number of different explorable areas. In these explorable areas, I would like to include creatures native to that area but that also roam freely throughout the landscape. An example would be a foresty area with bears who may wind up travelling to the plains and possibly even a structured and secured road. Of course, there will be limits to how far the creatures roam in sticking with real life situations.
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I would love to incorporate music and sound effects that fit the mood of the area so as to immerse the player even more in the fantasy RPG. I will also like to have a schedule similar to Oblivion's for the NPCs of the game so that they roam around performing their daily duties. For example, a player may find Bob at his house around 3:00 PM but over by the park at 6:00 PM. I would also like the in-game time to operate on the same basis as real world time so that the sun in the game sets at the same time as it does in real life. However, this particular aspect of the game is controversial in that it may not allow players to access parts of the game due to their time constraints. Maybe the game could allow for just the setting to change but not actually affect gameplay such as with World of Warcraft.


This is just my idea of a game that I think would be a best seller among many different people. Mostly the Millennials but even the other generations may like this game. Let me know what you thinkā€¦


-Nathan Tarrant

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