Puyo Puyo


Released in 1991 by Compile, Puyo Puyo was a spinoff of one of Compile's RPGs, Madou Monogatari. It starred the previous game's heroine, Arle Nadja, and one of the game's enemies (the Puyos). It has since become Compile's best selling game. [1] Puyo Puyo is going to be releasing it's seventh installment on November 26th, 2009. [2]

The series is known for its unique gameplay, emphasising skill and strategy over speed like most puzzles. For this reason it is considered one of the most challenging games in its genre.



The objective of Puyo Puyo is to join the Puyos in chains. The minimum is a 4 Puyo Chain, but Chains can be limitless. The bigger your chain, the more pieces your opponent's board is filled with (and vice-versa). This stops the game from just being about block building, like Tetris — most of the time you don't have time to build!

The fansite Puyo Puyo Nexus has a Chain Simulator that lets fans build chains and see how they would play out in game. [4]




Arle Nadja, 15th Anniversary Version

  • Arle Nadja (main protagonist)
    • Dark Arle (villian, Puyo Puyo 7)
  • Carbuncle (Arle's pet, game's mascot)
  • Satan (main villian, Arle's love interest)
  • Amitie (protagonist, Puyo Puyo Fever)
  • Andou Ringo (protagonist, Puyo Puyo 7)


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