Sci-Fi RPG

Background Story

The ideas that our group has for an awesomely cool game would be sci-fi based. The protagonist will be a college student who discovers an alien artifact that has the intelligence of an exiled alien copied into its programming. The alien inside shows the hero how to use the artifact and warns about an impending hostile alien invasion. It is up to the hero to fend off this alien invasion. However, along the way to end the invasion the hero discovers that another artifact is on the alien planet and is being put to use. Enter the nemesis. This other character is an alien in the service of the invasion leader and has control of the artifact. All throughout the story, the hero will have to defend himself against this other threat while trying to overcome impossible odds to destroy the alien stronghold and thwart the invasion.


The game will be considered an rpg. The player would be required to go to different areas to find other alien artifacts to become more powerful and progress in the story. Game play would be similar to Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the sense that it will be a free-form environment and the fighting style will be hack-and-slash. The game would be single player and consist of both combat and non-combat challenges.


The character will have to find the co-ordinates to the planet from which the invasion is coming by infiltrating a scout ship, a lunar base, and a space station and defeating the commander of each. After gaining the co-ordinates the hero has to return to where he found the artifact and input them into a teleporter pad. He then travels to the main planet and cripples the enemy strongholds main defenses and then defeats the main strongholds leader affectively ending the invasion. After completion of the game, the player will unock access to an evil campaign in which they play as the evil artifact in control of the alien forces in an effort to destroy the Earth. -Nathan, Adam, Michael, John

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