The Guild


The Guild is an award-winning web sitcom about a group of online gamers, "The Knights of Good". [1] It is written by Felicia Day (who stars as Codex), who wrote the pilot after a two year WOW addiction, wanting to show that online gamers "weren't just guys in their 20's who lived in their mom's basement". [2] Told that the show was too "niche", she and her producers decided to put it on the web. Since then, the show has enjoyed a lot of success, and began airing it's third season September 3rd, 2009. [3]

The first season was funded entirely by fans. Seasons two and three are sponsored by Sprint, and distributed by Microsoft and X-Box Live.

In order to promote the third season, a viral video Do You Want to Date My Avatar was released on YouTube, featuring the cast dressed as their MMO characters. [4]


  • Codex/Cyd Sherman (Felicia Day)
  • Zaboo/Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg (Sandeep Parikh)
  • Tinkerballa (Amy Okuda)
  • Bladezz/Simon (Vincent Caso)
  • Clara/Clara Beane (Robin Thorsen)
  • Vork/Herman Holden (Jeff Lewis)
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